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Shrubs and other ornamental plants need to be cared for just as much as your lawn. They give your yard its distinct look and can turn into quite an eyesore if they don’t match the lush green coloring of your grass.

Benefits of Shrub Care

  • Plants will look greener
  • Plants will stay healthy
  • Keeps bugs away

Ornamental Lawn Care

Even though we’re known for our pest-fighting prowess, we also have brilliant green thumbs. It’s our mission to keep your lawn and vegetation healthy, green, weed-free and pest-free, using high-quality, customized fertilizers blended for the specific requirements of your lawn, meticulous tree and shrub care, and effective weed control.

Also, our services are customizable. Our Premier Residential Lawn Care Service lets you combine any lawn and garden services, like lawn fetilization, weed control or tree and shrub fertilization – with our pest control, and/or our termite monitoring programs. So you get a comprehensive umbrella service that delivers all of your pest, lawn and garden needs together.

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At Team Pro Pest, we understand that when it comes to your lawn, your goals are simple. You want a thick, green, healthy and weed-free lawn. We will provide you with a level of service that is backed by many years of experience. Your experience will be enhanced by our ongoing training that keeps our technicians on the leading edge of the pest control industry.

We offer a full array of lawn pest, plant disease, weed control and specialized fertilization services to meet your lawn and gardens specific needs.

Our Services Offered

  • Seasonal fertilization and weed control based on your lawn and ornamental needs.
  • Dedicated equipment to prevent cross-contamination that leads to unhealthy lawn and shrubs.
  • Trained lawn professionals that are up-to-date on the latest methods and treatments in the industry.
  • Guaranteed results for a visibly greener lawn you can enjoy!

Tree & Shrub Care

At Team Pro Pest, we will ensure your plants and trees will receive proper care, such as protection from insects and necessary fertilization. We will deal with the following problems:

  • Slow growth
  • Yellow or pale green leaves
  • Early loss of leaves
  • Improper nutrition

We will keep your plants healthy. Expect that your living landscape investments are protected from infestation and disease.


Contact Team Pro Pest Management today at 561-500-TEAM to learn more about our various residential lawn care services and all of the ways in which we are helping to beautify landscapes in the Palm Beach County area.